MuSA 2013 Schedule of events

Institut für Musikwissenschaft und Musikinformatik (IMWI)


Friday, 24th May 2013

18:30 Registration MUT Foyer

19:30 Reception - MUT Foyer

Saturday, 25th May 2013

9:30 Registration - Schloss Gottesaue Hörsaal

10:00 Welcome and Introduction - Schloss Gottesaue Hörsaal

Session 1 (20th-century Music and Aesthetics)

Chair: Dr John Dack

10:15 Dr Francis Heery

Morton Feldman and the Aesthetics of ‘Surface

10:45 Luisa Balaguer

Universidad Internacional de Andalucía, Spain

Lachenmann’s Gran Torso: A Phenomenological Approach

11:15 Matthew Sergeant

Royal Northern College of Music, UK

Invoking the Interface of the Fantastic: Todorov, Music and Composition

      Break (15 Minutes)

Session 2 (Artistic Research 1)

Chair: Prof Dr Mine Doğantan-Dack

12:00 Dr Miroslav Spasov

University of Keele, UK

Sabda Vidya – Composing that Involves Software/Machine Agency

12:30 Dr Nina Whiteman

Royal Northern College of Music, UK

From the Scientific to the Sonic: Compositional and Performative Approaches in DNA for Solo Voice

13:00 Dr Hilary Mullaney

Plymouth University, UK; DkIT, Ireland

The Composer isn’t There: a Personal Exploration of Place in Fixed Media Composition

                                             Lunch 13.30-14.30

                      (packed lunch to be provided for delegates)

14:30-15:30   Keynote Presentation – Philippe  Manoury

Chair: Prof Dr Thomas Troge

                                                Break (15 minutes)

Session 3 (Issues in Musical Performance)

Chair:  Dr Miroslav Spasov

15:45 Dr John Dack

Middlesex University, UK

Can a sine-tone be ausdrucksvoll?

16:15 Jane Dickson & Dr Sebastian Lexer

University of East Anglia, UK (SL)

The Role of Virtuosity in Electroacoustic Performance

16:45 Prof Dr Per Dahl

University of Stavanger, Norway

Lost in Translation? A Listener’s Perspective on Musical Performance


      venue:  MUTProbe 1  

                   Works by MuSA-delegates and members of IMWI

20:00 Pre-symposium Concert

venue: MUTProbe 1

Works by Philippe Manoury

        Le Prélude, pièce électroacoustique d'après K...

Scène 9, pièce électroacoustique d'après K...

Jupiter, for flute and live-electronics

Flute, Eve Cambreling

Sound Director, Philippe Manoury